In recent years land promotion agreements, also known as planning promotion agreements, have become an increasingly popular option for landowners. Typically this is where a Promoter agrees to attempt to secure planning consent on a piece of land and then market it for sale on the open market in exchange for a percentage of the final sale figure.

Many promotion agreements are between a landowner and a developer, but this makes little sense to us. Developers will always seek to secure land for as little as possible whereas the landowner obviously wants to maximise its price. 

Land Sales Support approach promotion agreements as a genuine partnership with both parties seeking the same outcome. We are happy to consider an agreement on any parcel of land if the landowner is not keen to take on the risk and costs associated with applying for planning permission.

Promotion Agreements

A promotion agreement offers landowners an opportunity to maximise the value of their land with no upfront costs.

A promoter covers the costs of executing a planning application in exchange for an agreed percentage of the sales value if successful.

If no consent is achieved within an agreed timeframe, the landowner has spent nothing and retains ownership of the land.

Benefits of entering into a promotion agreement with Land Sales Support


We pay all of the costs associated with securing planning permission. If no consent is achieved, the landowner has spent nothing and retains ownership of the land.


The agreement is for a fixed period of time and we are contracted to use reasonable endeavours to secure planning permission and a successful sale as quickly as possible.


We maximise the value of the land by exploring all marketing and sales options.


The land is made available on the open market for a minimum period of time, ensuring that its full sales value is realised.


On relevant sites the land may be sold as individual plots to self-build purchasers in order to maximise the total land value.


The landowner is informed straight away on all offers for the land and thorough due diligence is carried out on all potential buyers.

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