Many landowners rely on advice from an architect, planning consultant, estate agent or developer on the best strategy to gain planning permission and sell their land. This often results in selling the land for significantly less than its full value. Many receive advice from experienced land agents and still execute the wrong strategy. We offer an alternative approach.

The planning application should be geared towards the most lucrative end result, not simply what the consultant/architect believes to be the most obvious plan. If there are a range of options we will calculate the most profitable and work closely with the consultant to provide the best possible chance of success. We get paid to sell the land, but our work on a project starts months before we talk with potential buyers.

On suitable sites our preference is to execute a custom build sales strategy – selling the land as individual, fully-serviced plots. A well-located, attractive site offering between two and thirty detached units is generally suitable and this strategy will deliver at least 35% more in sales than selling the land to a developer.

For owners not able or keen to spend money on a planning application we can explore a promotion agreement that will maximise the land value but comes with no upfront costs.

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Achieving Planning Permission

Our team can manage the process of applying for planning permission, hiring the relevant professionals, attending pre-planning meetings with the local council if required and presenting to Planning Committees. For more details visit our Planning Page.



We are a rapidly expanding, specialist land agency that operates across the South East on behalf of both private and corporate landowners.

We specialise in selling land as individual plots for custom build developments. Along with our professional network we assist clients in all aspects of the sales process, from securing planning permission to closing the sale.

This strategic approach, set out at the start of the process, not only saves time and money but also delivers the best financial results for the landowner.


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