In partnership with Potton/Kingspan Timber Solutions we provide all of the support and services required to deliver a successful, custom build scheme. 

This route removes the risk and cost of building out a site while delivering as much, if not more, profit far sooner in the process. 

Sites for up to twenty detached dwellings in attractive locations are generally suitable for a custom build strategy. 

Buyers are offered a fixed, turnkey build cost and receive all of the benefits of designing their own home without the ‘self build’ uncertainty around build cost, planning, contractor issues, etc. The process is closer to buying off plan but with the buyers funding all construction costs. 

All local authorities in England have a duty to grant planning on enough self or custom build plots to meet the demand indicated by their Right to Build register.

If you would like to discuss a site please email details to


On relevant sites a custom build strategy delivers at least the same, and often more, developer profit with far less risk and financial exposure when compared to a traditional sales route.

Plot buyers fund detailed planning and all construction costs, with the developer retaining full control over the build options available.

Why more developers are offering Custom Build homes


The majority of the profit is realised when the plots are sold, with the rest delivered throughout the build by acting as the main contractor.


Realising the profit much sooner in the process allows developers to increase their output - funds are not tied up until units are constructed and then sold.


On suitable sites a custom build strategy will increase the land value by 30-50%.


Custom build dwellings are fully exempt from CIL payments.


Lower planning costs as the developer only funds outline applications.


Demand for individual plots, especially across the South East, significantly outstrips supply.


If an affordable contribution is required/agreed this can potentially be delivered via a number of discounted plots.


Mortgages are readily available with buyers able to secure up to 90% LTV across the plot and build from a range of mainstream lenders.

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